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Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch…

It’s never a pleasant thing to get these fake Braxton Hicks contractions, especially when you’re still a month away from being full term. Everything about this fourth pregnancy seem to be more intense than my previous ones. I suppose this is why my OBGYN is recommending the weekly check-ups now. No matter. When he’s ready to come out, he’s ready. Yes, he’s a he. I picked up a name for him already.

Just as a side note to self, this is the first time that my better half has never attended any of my pregnancy check-up. I’m fine with it, though. The important thing is that he’s around when the time comes, and not being outstationed for work.

Counting the days. Let’s hope my little comes on the due date next month 🙂

Update: This post was actually made on 18th June and scheduled to be posted on 20th. What do you know — I delivered my son on June 19. More on that coming soon.

A boy, for sure… and a new name?

My recent periodic checkup to the OBGYN finally revealed the sex of my baby. He finally showed his healthy “turtle” form during the scan. I would have included the ultrasound picture here if not for the fact that I’m too lazy to scan the printout.

So, scrap my baby girl names. Off I went looking for the right name that matches Eric’s and Joel’s, and I tell you it wasn’t an easy for me to find a name that matches the “oel” in their middle names.

I think I’m going for either Ewan (“young warrior”) or Ezra (“helper”), and Roel or Yoel. I like the fact that Yoel means “the Lord is God” and it goes with the religious themes of the rest of my boys’ middle name, but it sounds too much like Joel. Roel sounds catchy, though the meaning “famous country” doesn’t mix well with my taste.

What do you think? Can you help me decide?