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Baby signing progress with Ezra

When did I started teaching signing to Ezra? Oh, yeah, that was in late May, wasn’t it? Since Joel is still with his ah-po and ah-kung in Sandakan, I’ve been signing with just Ezra.

I’ve been pretty consistent with the following signs: more, milk, drink, eat, finish/no more, enough/that’s all and bathe/bath. I’ve been doing it every day with Ezra, but I thought Ezra would never get it. Until a few days ago, that is. Last Friday, he did the eat sign, which made me jump up and rush to get him something to munch on, just to show him that I understood what he wanted. And then last night, after finishing off a pack of crackers, he signed to me that he wanted more! Exciting! He also has less meltdowns lately. I think he finally understands that he can use all those gestures I’ve been showing him, and that it works both ways. I also find that he’s talking more as well. Speech is definitely improving. I’m able to understand him more now. Phew!

The only thing I regretted not doing when he did signs was that I didn’t get excited enough. Showing excitement does encourage him to do things more. What can I say — I was too shocked when I saw it! I couldn’t react on anything but respond to what he wanted. I’ll make sure to give him more compliments the next time I see another baby sign.


Learning about Down syndrome and disabilities

Notice that I now have a new page called Down Syndrome in Sabah? Now that I have Edry, I have developed a passion to know more about Down syndrome and other forms of learning disabilities, to see what I need to and can do in order to prepare Edry for the best in his life. It’s not meant to be an extensive list, though I hope it is useful enough for other mothers in Kota Kinabalu who are new to this experience a place for them to start off their understanding of Down syndrome.

I initially wanted to create a new blog specifically for this research, because I didn’t want this blog to end up just being about Down syndrome. However, I thought that most of the entries I may end up blogging about would be as emotional as well as factual, and the tagline for this blog is “journeys of life…” so I decided to scrape the idea of making a new blog. It’s also a good thing, because having too many blogs would just be too much for my brain cells to keep up with.

I still have a lot of digging to do, in terms of the types of therapy necessary for Edry. I’ll tackle them one at a time, and hopefully have enough time and energy to blog them as they come.

Toilet training Joel: day 1 part 1

As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to just do it on a Friday evening, mainly due to 3 things. Firstly, is that I am expecting our fourth child this July. Secondly, is that Joel’s turning 4 this December, and next year he’ll start kindergarten. Thirdly, I’m just tired of changing his diapers.

I’ve been holding off toilet training Joel mainly because he’s verbally still trying to communicate well. He’s yet to pronounce words properly, but he’s getting there lately. He still babbles, and I do find it hard to understand him some times.

But I can’t hold it off much longer. It’s now or never.

The challenging part is not the toilet training or Joel himself. The challenge is for me mentally, psychologically and emotionally to deal with teaching him. Toilet training scares me more than it scares Joel, because of the physical work that comes with it (cleaning, focusing, being consistent), as well as the emotional toil (his crying, complaining, getting away from the ease of just changing his diapers). It’s nerve-wreaking.

I never had to teach Eric toilet training, actually. The daycare he went to last time made sure he was trained, and for that I am most grateful. Joel goes to a different daycare now, and the responsibility falls on me.

Anyway, I’ll be breaking Joel’s toilet training journal into many parts as I don’t have the time to actually post fully. I need to rest.


As soon as we arrived home, Joel pooed in his diaper. Here was my chance to take off his last diaper for the rest of his life. I cleaned him up, and asked Eric’s help to hide the rest of Joel’s disposable diapers (which I plan to use for Ezra). Darling hubby had to stay back and finish his MSc homework till 10p at the office, so I was relying very much on my dear 9-year old Eric for assistance.

Using the e-book I purchased that afternoon called “3 Day Potty Training” by Lora Jensen, I did my best to follow the advice. I also purchased a kid toilet seat and a booster so that Joel could use it to stand up the normal toilet bowl. I didn’t buy a potty because I noticed Joel didn’t want to sit on one at all.

Online tuition using = bad

Oh dear, the constant technical problems I’ve been having since I renewed my subscription to’s BSmart Express or whatever else they might call themselves, really are horrendous. Although the company that manages the system, Perfisio Sdn Bhd, do seem to be trying their best to solve the technicalities, the online service is just not good enough.

I took the annual subscription since last year by using Telekom Malaysia’s Self-Care System and got my login information there. It then bills me via my Streamyx Internet connection bill. Doing so is cheaper than going directly through But my God, once my subscription was over and I wanted to renew it, that was when hell took over. The Perfisio and TM customer support bounced me from one court to the other, blaming one and the other.

I’ve given them another year’s chance already. But I’ll be sure to cancel it when my subscription ends next year. The online tuition is cheap, but you know what they say. You get what you pay for. I’d rather buy books in this case.

A working mom again

Sayonara, stay at home mom. I just found out about my recent application for a systems analyst post in one of the government agencies here. Someone close to to the general manager said that I should be getting my offer letter in the mail soon. No news about when I’ll actually start, but I assume it will be after the Chinese New Year holidays, or probably in March.

I’m feeling pretty happy. There’s still the daycare center to arrange for all my boys, though. Budget time!