Homefront good, outside not so much

My family is back together. My eldest completed his diploma, and is finally home.

We now do everything in the living room together, except pooping and cooking.

My boys are mostly grown-ups now. Not quite of legal age, but old enough for us to have more mature conversations. Dream homes, online learning challenges, world news, gaming, IoT and automation, budgeting, finding income, and other random stuff.

They cook for themselves, and help cook for each other, while I handle the groceries and make sure that our pantry is enough so no one starves. Son number 2 cooks rice to perfection, every single time. Only my youngest isn’t allowed to handle the stove since he’s not tall enough. He has access to the air fryer, though, and he’s happy enough with it — good enough for him to make his own hot dogs, nuggets, and toasts.

My only disgruntlement is that my Google Photos is getting constantly filled with… this.

Boi please.

So much, it’s not even funny.

Nevertheless, we’re content.

Home life is good. But the outside life is making us depressed.

It’s been about 20 months since my state was hit by the first case of COVID-19. It was the catalyst to the constant on and off movement control order (MCO) throughout the nation, in varying degrees.

We were doing fine, until our state elections happened at the end of September 2020. Things have just gotten worse. COVID-19 infections have not slowed down.

Sabah hits our highest daily cases yesterday at over 3,000 infections, up from the previous 1 or 2 cases back in early September 2020. What a difference.

If only those politicians from the peninsular didn’t come and make the situation worse.

So I’m not entirely happy. Apparently, my kids aren’t too, not with the way things are outside. Not a week passes where we would talk about what we wish we could do or will do once it’s safe to go out, as close as to the way it was pre-COVID. Son number 3 tells us how much he wants to go on more family trips, and reminisces of those we did at Legoland and to resorts and beaches. He reminds me how much he wants those times back, without fail.

We’re spending time together at home, but we wish we could spend time together elsewhere, too.


Silver linings and bright sides, they say. And I can’t disagree. My family and I are safe, is what matters for now.

I hope you and your family are, too. Stay safe.

Author: Lorna a.k.a. WebGrrrl

Technologist, Developer, Certified Trainer, Author. WordPress, Google, web components, open source fangirl. Do-er of fun stuff.

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