Down Syndrome life is typical life

When Edry was born, my life changed profoundly. Having a child with Down syndrome was suppose to mean that my life will be overwhelmed with me having to learn about raising a special child like him.

Yeah, he’s special, alright. So special, that I don’t even blog about him, or Down syndrome, for that matter.

How bizarre is that?


The reason why our lives are so special now is because it feels so… normal. Every single day is specially normal. Who could have thought that having a special child meant that life was going to be a simple mundane routine of going to school/work, going home from school/work, eat, play rest, clean up, sleep, repeat? Almost every weekend, we’ll eat out, or hang out in the park, at the swimming pool, at the movies, at the beach, joyriding, play more online games, watch YouTube together, et cetera.

Typical family stuff.

Ain’t that a blessing?


Birthdays and celebrations come and go. Those usual sibling squabbles abound:-

Eric: “Mom, Joel didn’t wash his school shoes himself. He’s not playing my Xbox.”

Joel: “Mommy, Ezra called me stupid!”

Ezra: “Mommy, Joel’s watching PewDiePie again!”

Edry: “(sings) One little finger… No!” (as one of his brothers keeps sneaking over for some of his french fries.

Much drama, my kids.


Oh well. Such is life.

It’s mundanely awesome. Thank God.