Look who’s finally following in his mom’s footsteps

Fine. The honest truth to my eldest son jumping into programming is that he wanted to make money via his passion in ICT. Thing is, he has been more of an observer (IMHO), in that he plays computer games, uses social media, and watch YouTube videos. That was the extent of his interest.

Last year, I started running a series of CoderDojo programme in his school, which heightened his interest in Raspberry Pi. I made him my unofficial assistant, so at this point in time, he knows what peripherals and devices he needs to setup or even troubleshoot a Pi.

Lately, he has been asking me about stepping up his game so he can earn some money. So I briefly explained to him that he’s going to need to do something that can sustain his interest long enough for him to learn substantially enough so that he can be qualified to be paid. Making money as a prime motivation for doing something will only make you ping-pong from one effort to another, which is going to waste his time and effort if he finds that whatever he was doing at the moment is too difficult or not up to his expectation or interest. On the other hand, if he focused first on skills that he’s already into, he’ll at least find some personal satisfaction in being better at something that he loves.


I suggested that he learns to program games in Python. So that’s what he’s doing now. So cool.

I’m glad that the official Raspberry Pi website has some cool references and tutorials that young people such as Eric can use. He’s currently going through MagPi’s Make Games With Python by himself. Like any other new and veteran programmers, debugging is his biggest challenge; not because of the coding, but the need for focus and patience.

All the best, Eric! Finish it! You can do it!


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