A blogger in the works

Or at least that’s what I hope Eric can end up doing. You see, he’s been bugging me lately with all his request to buy him stuff, take him to some fancy restaurants, or bring him on a vacation somewhere far away. I’m not sure what has gotten into him lately.

I have explained to him the concept of budgeting, and why it’s important to financially plan for anything you set your eyes on, which led me to explain why so and so is justified or unjustifiable for me to spend on. Especially if the spending is on a whim. So his next question was, “How do you make more money so you can spend more?”

“Why not blog, like I do? You’ve seen how I did it, haven’t you?” He nodded.

“But I don’t know what I should blog about. I have no idea.”

I answered, “Well, you like to watch those anime cartoons, don’t you? Why not blog about that? Or blog about what you’ve been doing today that was fun or interesting or sad. Just… anything.”

That was almost two months ago. I’ve been waiting on him to update this blog while at the same time practicing his English and composition skills.

Number of posts so far? One.

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