My favorite show ‘Fairy Tail’

Hi. Ever since I first saw ‘Fairy Tail’ I was so excited so I watch it quite a long time. Even a my father likes my favorite show. Well I sometime miss it because my mother deleted my recording……but even though my mother deleted some recording I still like ‘Fairy Tail’. Here I have a room FULL of my favorite shows. And my mother is watching her own favorite shows the most she likes is ‘Running Man’ a korean show. Let me tell about ‘Fairy Tail’ there was a Dragon Slayer named Natsu Dragneel and then he suddenly met Lucy Heartfilia she is one of the family member in the richest family in Mangolia. But she ran away because her father made her mother ran away too. Lucy wanted to be a ‘Fairy Tail’ member. They first fought a guy named Salamander. Who is a member of the Titan Nose Guild. And his real name is Bora a.k.a Bora of Prominice. Well see ya later bye. Oh and if your a ‘Fairy Tail’ fan your awesome. K see ya.