A lot has happened, obviously

Joel's 4th Birthday

Joel’s 4th Birthday,
originally uploaded by ltimbah.

I’m playing catch-up with all the blogs I own and have to update, and now I finally have the chance to blog back here again.

Everything is all good in the Dony household. School’s back in session since 3rd January, and things are always hectic during the first two months, at least for me.

Eric: Now in the 4th grade, still taking his piano lessons, no more tuition for him. Now joins the school band instead of the Red Crescent/Red Cross.

Joel: Starts kindergarten this year, and loving it. His morning routine is getting into class, and settling himself on his desk as I take out his cookies, water and handkerchief for breakfast.

Ezra: He’s potty trained for almost two months now, on his own accord, I might add. I did the 3-day potty training technique on him and it works as well as it did with Joel. So far he only wets the bed once, and that was quite a while ago, I can hardly remember.

Edry: He loves to roll himself from the mattress onto the floor. I’m currently teaching him how to balance and sit by himself. He still spits milk after every feed. I really need to plan his medical checkup soon.

I’ll just stop here. So many things to do. Not that I’m really complaining.

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