On the binky and toilet training that never was

Ezra Ezra stopped using the pacifier quite by accident recently. He bit off the end of his pacifier one day, and I just decided that it’s time he stopped. I left the binky hanging off his favourite blankie for several days, before throwing the pacifier away. Ezra was restless for a few days, but eventually gotten used to it. As long as he still has his beloved blanket (which is now not as smelly as before), he’s able to relax and sleep soundly. Among all his siblings, he was the only one who accepted the pacifier right away. His other siblings just didn’t care about using one, even after I tried buying all kinds for them. It’s for the better, I guess.

On impulse, I also got Ezra started on potty training. The problem is, he never tells or indicated to me when he’ll want to go to the toilet. We’re still struggling with communication. After just one day at home and another day at the day care centre, I decided that potty training for Ezra will have to wait.

Darn, I could have saved on all those disposable diapers.

2 thoughts on “On the binky and toilet training that never was”

  1. @Joandarcy: I’m contemplating it, but right now I can’t even handle my current laundry load, let alone several extra ones! You’ve read my Geocities website?! Oh Lord, that must be like from 10 years ago! 😀 Since we’re being honest here, I’ll let you know that I’m following your blog silently, too 🙂 I salute you for being able to homeschool your little ones.

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