On being pregnant and not really loving it

Personally, I actually don’t like to talk about my pregnancy experiences. And whenever people talk about those pregnancy glows, I would roll my eyes and look back at them as if they’re aliens from another planet. It’s like 99.99% of the pregnant population had a breeze with their pregnancies. I had to be that 00.01% who miserably tries to go through my daily routine and survived. Things got worse with each pregnancy, too. With my fourth (the one I’m having right now), I got extremely anemic, something that I’ve never experienced during my first three pregnancies. My OBGYN suggested that it may be due to my weight loss after I had my third child (and I thought losing weight was a good thing after being overweight for years).

And, oh, how pregnancy wrecks havoc on my emotional and mental states! Those dodo hormonal changes made me feel like a dimwit paranoid slug most of the time. Thank God for my husband! Communication is very important during my pregnancy. I made sure I warned my husband in advance that all those sudden emotional breakdowns and fits are mostly my state of hormonal-induced hysterics. When the attacks do come, one calming hug is all it took to stop them. Sometimes I get those hugs from my kids as well, those little angels. They’re what keeps me sane.

I guarantee you that this will be the last time I’m going to talk about my pregnancy. I’ve planned on “closing this factory” once I deliver soon.

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