Toilet training Joel: day 1 part 2

It felt like every other minute or so that I asked him if he wanted to go pee. When he did want to go, he’d say “shee-sheesh?” to me, and I would lead him to the toilet. Joel was fine standing up to pee, and after a while had a preference to sit on the little toilet seat propped above the toilet bowl. I used a small and low voice to say “good job” to him. I didn’t put any pants on him that night, and just left him bare bottomed.

Accidents? I counted one that night, when he peed. I caught him in the act and quickly carried and rushed him to the toilet. By that time, he was already done with himself. I reminded him to tell me if he wants to go pee.

Sometime during the night, Joel asked to have his diaper put on. I told him there’s no more diaper for him, and he complained and cried. I told him that he is now a big boy like and can’t use the diaper. He only stopped crying when I said that since he was a big boy, he can get a big hug. He never asked for his diaper since.

The challenge that night was to make him stop drinking whatever. He’s still on the bottle, and he likes to drink before he goes to sleep. I only gave him a little of both milk and water, and more wailing ensues. He went to the toilet again about six times before he went to bed. But, thank God, no more accident so far.

Darling husband finally came home at around 11p. I gave him a big hug and told him my big plan. I was tired and still emotionally nervous, but at least it’s the end of the day. Though it wasn’t quite the end of Day 1 since I started only in the evening. But for the sake of it, let’s just call my Friday as Day 1.

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