Toilet training Joel: prologue

I’m currently in the process of toilet training Joel due to the fact that he is turning 4 in December and will be starting kindergarten next year. That fact is making me super anxious.

I’ve opted to use the techniques found in the 3 Day Potty Training e-book. I decided to try it out the day I bought the e-book, and things were practically pretty rushed right before the training started. On Friday afternoon after purchasing the e-book, I rushed to Signature, a store located at Karamunsing Complex, and purchased a kid toilet seat and step booster haphazardly. Right after work, the training started.

See, I’m suppose to be focusing on Joel exclusively right now, which was what the book told me to do, but look what I’m doing now. Better get back to focusing on Joel. Will blog some more when the 3-day period is over.

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