I got A+ in maths

I was doing my exam suddenly when exam was over my teacher said “Eric, how many do you got.” “83.” Abqari is my friend. And then my teacher asked Abqari. Abqari is the best student in maths. And my teacher asked him “Abqari, how many do you got?” “82.” And my teacher said “Eric, you win the contest.” And then I said “Huh, what contest?” My teacher said “The best mark contest.”  And I said “Oh….. that contest. What did I get?” My teacher said “You got a mechanical pencil, a ruler, a diary, 6 pencils, 1 set of sharpener and eraser. And I said “WOW! Thank you.” And my teacher said “You are welcome” And that is my story about I got A+ in maths. See ya later.


Online tuition using Tutor.com.my = bad

Oh dear, the constant technical problems I’ve been having since I renewed my subscription to Tutor.com.my’s BSmart Express or whatever else they might call themselves, really are horrendous. Although the company that manages the system, Perfisio Sdn Bhd, do seem to be trying their best to solve the technicalities, the online service is just not good enough.

I took the annual subscription since last year by using Telekom Malaysia’s Self-Care System and got my login information there. It then bills me via my Streamyx Internet connection bill. Doing so is cheaper than going directly through Tutor.com.my. But my God, once my subscription was over and I wanted to renew it, that was when hell took over. The Perfisio and TM customer support bounced me from one court to the other, blaming one and the other.

I’ve given them another year’s chance already. But I’ll be sure to cancel it when my subscription ends next year. The online tuition is cheap, but you know what they say. You get what you pay for. I’d rather buy books in this case.

Toilet training Joel: prologue

I’m currently in the process of toilet training Joel due to the fact that he is turning 4 in December and will be starting kindergarten next year. That fact is making me super anxious.

I’ve opted to use the techniques found in the 3 Day Potty Training e-book. I decided to try it out the day I bought the e-book, and things were practically pretty rushed right before the training started. On Friday afternoon after purchasing the e-book, I rushed to Signature, a store located at Karamunsing Complex, and purchased a kid toilet seat and step booster haphazardly. Right after work, the training started.

See, I’m suppose to be focusing on Joel exclusively right now, which was what the book told me to do, but look what I’m doing now. Better get back to focusing on Joel. Will blog some more when the 3-day period is over.

Flashback: Eric’s old journal 14MAR2004

(This is the last entry from Eric’s baby blog at Blogger.com)

Wow, it’s been so long! Where do we start?!

We haven’t been updating for some time mostly because there weren’t any photos to be uploaded. For some reason, our digital camera can’t transfer the images we took into the computer, so we’re stuck with the manual cam at the moment. However, the manual camera got lost, so we’re now stuck with having no camera at all.

Eric’s all grown up — he’s now of eligible age to wear a school uniform! Mommy and Daddy was so proud of him when he donned it for the first time back in January.

Eric loves to sing and draw. Eric also likes to talk to Granma and Aunty Lala and Uncle Bobo on the phone. Eric likes to play pretend phonecalls too.

Eric still is learning his pronunciation, and it is getting better each day. Eric is starting to not like veggies, and likes to take off his shirt and pants by himself and run naked around the house!

Eric prefers using the grown-up potty especially when it’s poo-poo time. After his bath, he empties his own basin.

Eric’s favourite TV series is Hi-5 and Barney. His favourite channel is TechTV and TVIQ, and he recognises the channels he surfs.

Flashback: Eric’s old journal 09JAN2003

Highlight of the day: Eric has been very expressive these days. He knows how to articulate certain words to his favourite songs, and express them in gestures as well. Currently, his favourite song is “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and he loves to sing it along with Mommy.

Eric also knows how to identify things such as his favourite Teddy Dog, his push-car, Mommy’s mobile phone, and so on. He likes to imitate whatever Daddy does in the morning, such as brushing his teeth, combing his hair, and wearing his shoes before he leaves for daycare.

It’s easier now for Eric to let Mommy know if he’s hungry or thirsty. Instead of crying, he now often drags Mommy to the kitchen and points to the cookie jar or some other goodies he would like to munch on. Eric is becoming a happier boy now that he can express what he needs.

Flashback: Eric’s old journal 30DEC2002

Highlight of the day: Yesterday, Eric made a major breakthrough. While Mommy was packing his bag for a day trip to Grandma’s in Tuaran, Eric was toying around with Mommy’s mobile phone, pretending he was on the phone. When we were ready to leave, Mommy asked Eric, “Where is Mommy’s phone?” As if he understood what Mommy wanted, he started pointing towards the living room. Mommy followed him towards the room, where he stopped, and pointed to the bedroom beside him. We entered the room, and he continued walking towards a corner, then bent down to pick something. It was the mobile phone! Mommy was so surprised with his behaviour, and happily gave Eric a big clap and a big hug!

Flashback: Eric’s old journal 22DEC2002

Highlight of the day: Due to a cold, Eric has been taking Bealafed for his runny nose, and Eryson for antibiotics. For some reason, it turns him from a Dr. Jekyll to a Mr. Hyde. He becomes more cranky than usual, throwing trantrums at all turns, until I’m not sure what to do with him. Even taking him out for a drive or stroll, which usually works wonders to calm him, doesn’t do much for him.

Hopefully he’ll recover soon so he won’t have to take anymore of those medicines.