Cars,Boat,Facebook,The Blog Of Rugrats,YB and All things in the internet and the real world

Internet is a amazing thing it can go to the Facebook,The Blog Of Rugrats,,Cartoon Network,,Goolge,,GTA/Grand Theft and the computer has a YB.And cars and boat real and they have when you have Grand Theft Auto also.And remember the future always changes in your heart.Good Bye I got to go bye-bye.


My Future

Hello my name is Eric. I am a sabahboy.But sometimes future changes. Your future is what? Let me tell my future. Is like this last time,I never taste a hotdog ,Now I do! See! Future changes.And I never go to Karambunai Resort,Now I do! Everything change in the future.Like my best friend Jeremy.All of my post is future. And your future changes to.I got to go bye. And remember future changes.Bye-bye.