Flashback: Eric’s old journal 23AUG02

Highlight of the day: Eric has been imitating our behavior lately. This evening, when he saw the cordless phone lying around on the sofa, he took it and held it over his head, then babbled away. I think it’s just so adorable.

Went to the bakery with Eric today, to order Eric’s first birthday cake for his first birthday party tomorrow. Yes, Eric’s officially 1 year old two days ago!


Flashback: Eric’s old journal 15AUG02

A lot has happened this past week for little Eric. Here are the highlights in no particular order:

  • Eric has his first air travel! He managed himself quite well and was able to sleep through the whole time to and fro the 2.5 hour Kota Kinabalu – Kuala Lumpur journey.
  • He had his first swim in a pool! It wasn’t a nice experience, as the water was cold. I only managed to dip him three times in the water before ending our 5-minute session in the Pan Pacific KL’s hotel swimpool. We both ended up in the hotel’s bath tub instead. It was much more fun.
  • Eric met his Granma Jenny for the first time!
  • Eric took his first railway trip! It was a first for the whole lot of us who went to KL — myself, Eric, my mom, Dony and my brother Andy. It was such a convenience.
  • Obviously, Eric has his first trip to Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. How lucky for him — I only managed to go to KL when I was 14, and Eric’s barely one year old.

Eric has made some interested expressions during the trip as well. He lifts his hand in a fist and makes a face that looks as if he’s aggravated, and then suddenly burst out into a wide grin. It’s so cute.

I changed Eric’s milk formula to Nestle’s NAN last week, but he doesn’t seem to like it. When we gave him the formula, he took a few sips, then removed his bottle, made a little “bwack” sound, and took a slow look at it, as if trying to figure out what’s wrong with his formula. He returned to drinking it again after a few moments. Maybe I should stick to Nestle’s Lactogen 2 until he’s around 1-1/2 year old.

Web content filtering for your child

Nowadays, Eric doesn’t only play computer games installed in my computer, but he also surfs his favorite TV channel’s web sites for the latest games, downloading other games from GameHouse and Reflexive Games and installing them (even taking the liberty to crack the demo games with a cracking software  his dad downloaded). And, (no) thanks to his dad, he’s even begun to browse YouTube for Batman and anime cartoons. He’s beginning to freak me out!

My worry doesn’t stop there. Me being a “fan” of torrent files, I sometimes end up looking at sites with content or ads that are, let’s say, rated R or above. I’m very wary when he’s around me when I do so, as he tends to peek from behind my shoulder and read whatever site I’m looking at the moment.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usMy increasing concern with the kinds of information he accesses from my computer made me on the look out for free software that filters out unwanted content off the Web and display only kid-friendly sites. I finally settled with K9 Web Protection from Blue Coat. Simply put, the Web filtering software will decide what sites can be viewed or not viewed based on their database that are both automated and manually rated by its own software users.

I’m sure the software will work; the only other thing I hope for from this software is that it won’t bog down my computer.

A working mom again

Sayonara, stay at home mom. I just found out about my recent application for a systems analyst post in one of the government agencies here. Someone close to to the general manager said that I should be getting my offer letter in the mail soon. No news about when I’ll actually start, but I assume it will be after the Chinese New Year holidays, or probably in March.

I’m feeling pretty happy. There’s still the daycare center to arrange for all my boys, though. Budget time!