Merry Christmas (and a hacked school site)

Hacked SK Stella Maris Primary School Site. Free Image Hosting at

Christmas this year started well, starting with the afternoon before Christmas having a late lunch, just the kids and myself and their daddy at Sushi King. We enjoyed ourselves so much that I never got the chance to take some shots of the food or of Eric ravenously gobbling up all the sushi. The eve was spent at my cousin’s new house for a housewarming party. Christmas day was spent with relatives on my husband’s side. All in all, spending time with family is always a good thing.

In the evening, while trying to confirm the registration date for Eric’s first day of school, I was greeted with an unfortunate sight of the Stella Maris Primary School website being hacked. The worse thing about it was not the hack itself, but the fact that the hack was done earlier in the month, yet no one in the school’s supposed “web team” did anything about it. It goes to show that not even the Principal or the teachers of the school itself ever bother looking at their own web site, let alone use it.

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