Flashback: Eric’s old journal 21JUL02

He’s quite a handful today. Half of the time, Eric just cries and cries. I carried him around, play with him, feed him, sing to him. At times, he’ll calm down, but more often he’ll just cry on, leaving me with absolutely no idea what to do, but to just sit there and hold him. Of course, by now I’m pooped. And still have loads more work to do. There goes my weekly house clean-up.

Highlight of the day: He’s been standing by himself more and more these days, even though they’re just a few seconds at a time. I see that as a major progress, though. And, something surprising happened after his morning bath today. He noticed his penis! Then, he started to play and squeeze them! Ouch! The only thing I could do was to say “Yes, that’s your penis. You use it to pee-pee,” and then to quick as hell get his diapers on before he hurts himself.

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