Going back to work for good

I’m planning on going back into the work force and be a full time working mom again. As much as I love staying at home, I terribly miss the social part of my work life. I’m eyeing for an IT post that I’ve recently interviewed for, and I hope to stick to this job until I retire. Back to my first love, hahah!

I’ll definitely miss being with the kids at home, no matter how hectic it is. That’s all I’ll miss, though. I won’t miss thinking 24/7 about house chores and the lack of private time I have for myself. For some reason, I feel that my life is more manageable when I was working full-time. At least I know that from 8a to 5p it’s uninterrupted work time, then the rest of the time it’s with the kids, then a little house work when they’re off to bed. When I’m at home, it really feels like it’s workids, workids, workids, pause to play with the kids, workids workids workids… you know the drill. I can handle the kids part, but not the house work part, and the lack of rest. If it weren’t for my little Eric helping me around the house, I don’t know how I’d survive at home sometimes.

One thought on “Going back to work for good”

  1. I know what you mean. I am thinking of the same too as I am also not a natural and born housewife-fulltime-mom kind.

    I love having my kids around me most times but I am not crazy about house chores, being confined at home and having no other “goal” but to care for the kids.

    However, what I’m thinking right now is to have some time off a few times a week for activities away from home where my husband can look after the kids and I can let go of this responsibility for a while.

    Anyway, all the best in the new job.

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