Merry Christmas (and a hacked school site)

Hacked SK Stella Maris Primary School Site. Free Image Hosting at

Christmas this year started well, starting with the afternoon before Christmas having a late lunch, just the kids and myself and their daddy at Sushi King. We enjoyed ourselves so much that I never got the chance to take some shots of the food or of Eric ravenously gobbling up all the sushi. The eve was spent at my cousin’s new house for a housewarming party. Christmas day was spent with relatives on my husband’s side. All in all, spending time with family is always a good thing.

In the evening, while trying to confirm the registration date for Eric’s first day of school, I was greeted with an unfortunate sight of the Stella Maris Primary School website being hacked. The worse thing about it was not the hack itself, but the fact that the hack was done earlier in the month, yet no one in the school’s supposed “web team” did anything about it. It goes to show that not even the Principal or the teachers of the school itself ever bother looking at their own web site, let alone use it.


The best way to bow down

If you are forced to be a fan of Playhouse Disney Channel for the sake of your kids, then you would notice that one of the previews they’ve been showing during intermission consists of Pocoyo and his friends dancing around to the tune of a fast classical music. Joel absolutely loves it, and he’ll do his jump-and-skip dance along with the music without fail.

At the end of the song, Pocoyo and his friend Ellie would bow down. Joel, who hasn’t mastered the art of bowing down, always tries to do the same. His way of doing it is to bend down as low as he can, until his head is between his legs so that he can see what’s behind him! And after 10 seconds or so, he’ll stand up right and does his very own standing ovation! Eric and I can’t help but laugh and clap along, it’s just so hilarious!

Flashback: Eric’s old journal 21JUL02

He’s quite a handful today. Half of the time, Eric just cries and cries. I carried him around, play with him, feed him, sing to him. At times, he’ll calm down, but more often he’ll just cry on, leaving me with absolutely no idea what to do, but to just sit there and hold him. Of course, by now I’m pooped. And still have loads more work to do. There goes my weekly house clean-up.

Highlight of the day: He’s been standing by himself more and more these days, even though they’re just a few seconds at a time. I see that as a major progress, though. And, something surprising happened after his morning bath today. He noticed his penis! Then, he started to play and squeeze them! Ouch! The only thing I could do was to say “Yes, that’s your penis. You use it to pee-pee,” and then to quick as hell get his diapers on before he hurts himself.

Losing weight by staying at home?

More and more people are saying how much I’ve lost weight. Just yesterday, two people that I haven’t seen since I gave birth recently noted how much skinnier I look today. I’m not even putting on any effort, but I do admit that I’ve lost substantial weight. It’s strange to me to lose this much weight, as every time after I give birth, I would gain another kilogramme or two. This time however, I’ve lost almost 8 kg and am back to my pre-marriage weight.

I thought about what I did now that’s different from my other two pregnancies, and I figured out what it is. When I gave birth to Eric and Joel, I was still working full-time. By the time Ezra arrived, I was already a stay-at-home mom. I stopped sending Joel to the daycare center as well, so daily I have at least two little active tykes to take care of. Not only busy taking care of them, but probably the chasing around and doing the house chores in my little apartment also has something to do with my weight loss. Plus, most food I’m having now are home-cooked, even cakes and cookies, so that has to contribute to something.

See? Staying at home isn’t so bad when you have at least one little baby running around uncontrollably. It’s like unconsciously exercising when you really don’t want to 😛

Flashback: Eric’s old journal 19JUL02

Tomorrow, Eric turns 11 months! And in another month, he’ll be one year old! Very soon, he won’t be a little baby anymore. *Sigh*….

Highlight of the day: He’s starting to learn how to climb up furniture these days. Yesterday, he climbed down our bedroom bed, and this morning he climbed up our living room chair. With ease. It’s scary. Now more than ever, I need to keep an eye on him and pray that I’ll be there to catch his fall :O

32 things that change when you have a baby

Thirty-two things that change when you have a baby | BabyCenter

When I read this article, a few points stood out for me and is very true of the change I felt when I entered motherhood:

  1. Where you once believed you were fearless, you now find yourself afraid. Having a child means that you are no longer just responsible for yourself, but for someone else’s life. The actions you take now will have a direct influence on your little one. Knowing that makes me paranoid of life some times. I even have panic attacks when it comes to my children or any child for that matter.
  2. You respect your parents and love them in a new way. You’ll never know the sacrifices a parent goes through until you go through parenthood itself. Pregnancy pains and giving birth is the least of your pain and worry.
  3. Your heart breaks much more easily. This comes with my paranoia. When a baby cries, my brain goes into overdrive — “what’s going on with that baby?? why is he crying?? is he in pain?? who hurt him??” I cry easily now too, and it’s one of the changes in me that I absolutely hate, because now I tend to bawl my eyes off in the movie theaters… how embarrassing.
  4. You look at your baby in the mirror instead of yourself. I mean, what is there to look at, when I have my better, beautiful angel faced kids to look at, even if they don’t act like angels.
  5. You no longer rely on a clock — your baby now sets your schedule. Exactly.
  6. You take the time for one more hug and kiss even if it means you’ll be late. Those extra few seconds or minutes can always make my whole day.
  7. You learn that taking a shower is a luxury. I’d rather take a one or two-minute shower than risk hearing my kids wailing and looking for their ma-ma.
  8. You find yourself wanting to make this world a better place.

Read the rest of the article and see if any other points ring true to you.