My happy experience with gallstone flushes

(For more stories on gallstone symptoms, visit My Gallstones Symptoms)

I got a scare during the checkup with my OBGYN a few days ago when I found out that I had gallbladder stones. My ultrasound scan the next day confirmed its existence; it filled a quarter of my gallbladder. My OBGYN doc told me that it’s most probably cholesterol stones due to unhealthy eating. Big surprise there. He also told me that a surgery is required if the condition is serious.

What he didn’t tell me is that with every surgery, they will remove the gallbladder altogether, instead of just blasting the stones away like I’d imagined. There is almost literally no other choice than removal. No way am I going to have a missing organ in me. Whatever organs I have, will stay with me till my soul is gone from this world.

Here is where the Web saved me. As I was searching for more information on gallstones, I came across sites that talked about gallstone flushes. After reading several sites on gallstone flushes, I successfully did my gallbladder flush using the following ingredients and preparation:

Ingredients / tools:
– 250 ml (1/2 pint) of freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 4 lemons)
– 500 ml (1 pint) of virgin olive oil, the kind they used for salads, not cooking
– lots of green apples, enough for three days’ worth of fresh juice (Granny Smith)
– A regular tablespoon
– A glass
– A strainer (a net will do fine too)

Preparation pre-flushing day

I fasted for half a day with just glasses and glasses of green apple juice to cleanse my colon. This helps to avoid from the stones being clogged in your intestines if you have many. I didn’t have any solids at all, and no dinner either.

Preparation flushing day

I had a light breakfast of plain cream crackers (Graham crackers) and a mug of Milo (chocolate malt) in the morning.

I didn’t eat any solids especially since you should stop eating solids starting at noon.

I kept drinking my fresh apple juice and water until 6 pm. No more liquids for at least half an hour. During this hour, you can go ahead and squeeze some lemons until you get the required 250 ml.

I started my flush at 7pm. Mix together 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with 4 tablespoons of olive oil into a glass, and drink the whole darn thing on your own timing. Rest by lying down on your right side to let the liquids get into your gallbladders more quickly. Repeat taking the concoction every 10 minutes until you have finished the lemon juice. That would take you until 10.30pm or even 11pm.

The worst thing about the concoction is not so much the taste of oil (I almost didn’t taste oil at all in spite of complaints from others), but more of the sourly taste of the lemon juice which stings at my throat. You can take a small sip of apple juice to wash it away, but just a little. This is to avoid the lemon juice from being diluted of its acidity.

Once you’re done with the whole drinking fiesta, you may go to sleep while laying on your right side.

While waiting for your bladder to react, let me explain the use of lemon juice. Obviously, the juice will help dilute your cholesterol stones into smaller ones or even rid of them altogether; you’ll see them as greenish liquid instead of stones. The olive oil is used to lubricate your liver and bladder to allow the stones to pass.

Anyways, I was awake around 4.50am the next morning with the obvious urge to go to the toilet. Here’s where the strainer or your net comes in handy. Yeah, I used my strainer to capture my bowel movement just to be able to catch those gallstones. Normal feces would easily wash through the strainer, but embarrassingly since I also suffer from constipation, there were lots of solid meaty feces from two days back, yuck. I poked and poked the stuff using a stick till I can’t bear no more, but there weren’t anything I could distinguish as gallstones.

Gallstones (25OCT2008)

After almost 10 minutes, I surrendered and threw away my poo and washed the strainer away, when suddenly, I saw some green stuff floating in the toilet bowl. I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so I thought that it may be the veggies I ate a couple of days ago. But they were green and I did just pass some heavy amounts of bowel movement, so I scooped them up anyways just to have a good look. Sure enough they were gallstones! One was almost 3 cm long by 1cm wide. These cholesterol stones are oily inside and outside, pretty firm, green in color. Some people also flushes the harder, calcified version of gallstones. I didn’t bother keeping them, and just threw them back in the toilet bowl in disgust. Well, you can have a look at a few of the big chucks by yourself in the not-so-clear snapshot I managed to take (I put a five sen there — a nickel in the US — for size comparison).

Preparation post-flushing day

I had a glass of apple juice in the morning and at night, with light meals in between, lots of liquids, and passed two more bowel movements with yet many more gallstones, smaller ones this time. I’ll keep on drinking apple juice each morning and night and do the flush three more times for the next one month just to clear off my bladder. Once that’s done, I’ll get back to my doc and have him do another scan to confirm they’re gone.

There are tremendous benefits for those doing the flush, and this is also for those who would like detox as well as those seeking to cleanse naturally without the use of medicines. As I have experienced, gallstone flushes are easy, cheap, painless and can be done overnight. I get to keep my gallbladder, too. God knows how many horror stories I heard about people suffering from eating disorders because the body don’t process bile as efficiently as when they had their gallbladders.

Gallstone flushes don’t come with a few warnings, however, so you’re smart to check out what could happen when flushes go wrong (as when your stones block the passageways). Check out this site for some detailed testimonies of people who have done gallstone flushes.


6 thoughts on “My happy experience with gallstone flushes”

  1. chegu carol: Oh my God, you can’t imagine the gallstone pains. They’re like stab pains, more horrible than those gastric pains I’ve encountered. I’d rather feel birthing pains than gallstone pains.
    The pain always starts in my middle chest like heartburn, not so much on the stomach/lower abdomen like my gastric pains always does. The pain grows within 5 to 10 minutes and spreads right and up and it gets so intense that it spreads to all over my upper back and shoulders. Sometimes I wonder whether I was getting a heart attack because the pain was so intense.

  2. coincidently, a colleague of mine is having almost the same problem. She doesnt want to go for operation too. I remember about this post and mentioned it to my colleague and asked me to copy this down for her.
    So yeah, im copying this gallbladder flush preparation for her to try.
    Thanks, this is very useful indeed.

  3. i tried the same method juz like your but i changed lemon to orange(bcuz dat time i tot it wil be ok to swap lemon with orange) and i took half cup of olive oil together with the orange.ok then i got some sorts of diarrhea(quite frustrating for me since i need to wake up every 2 to 3 hours)
    but then i saw sumthing floated up the morning when i passed stool.but i could not really differentiate it.i did picked them up using plastic covered my hand.the floated thing(i tot the stones)..i could crush it. so it makes me confuse..huhu

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