My heart cries in pain

This is why I hate living in apartments and reading the news. My heart breaks every time I see injustice done to our children. These couple of weeks I’ve been reading nothing but bad things like:

  • A body of a newborn found in a construction site near Menggatal,
  • Babies died or are ill due to contaminated milk by irresponsible factory in China,
  • A father and uncle r@ping their mentally-challenged daughter/niece since she was 11,
  • A 16-year old girl murdered, quite possibly by his drop-out boyfriend and friends.

And here’s what’s happening around my apartment, and in the same stairwell

  • A father beating his children (sounded like they’re as young as 9 years old up to their teenage daughter) almost every day and their mother screaming — couldn’t understand what they were talking about because it was all in Chinese but I swear one time a girl even shouted “Tolong” [help]), up until that one day when I couldn’t take it anymore and reported it to the guards; the guards told me afterwards that the father was “just reprimanding them”, and so far till today no screaming… yet,
  • A little baby screaming his or her heart out late at night, every night, for more than 10 minutes, almost sounding as if he or she was tortured or something (but I admit, some babies do cry like that for no apparent reason, speaking from experience).

I’m getting very paranoid about the state of things, that sometimes I couldn’t help myself but cry late at night and prayed to God so hard that these children be spared from their suffering.

I hate the fact that I don’t have the guts to do more about it. It’s fear that I may be seen as meddling about in other people’s affairs, which may put my family in jeopardy. My husband even tried to stop me from reporting to the guards when the father/daughter scream-and-slash fest was going on somewhere above our floor.