A mix and mangled week

I’m not sure if I’ve done anything productive this week with my kids. Their dad went for a business trip to Bogor, Indonesia, and getting stuck indoors were our daily routine as it has been pouring non-stop this week, so most of the time we just hung around the house playing with each other.

I did have fun bringing the kids out to eat a couple of times at this kopitiam-styled restaurant on the ground floor of Asia City Complex. Not only was the food good, but it was cheap, too.

And there was the kids’ cousin Aidyl’s birthday this afternoon. The party was the longest two hours of my life this week. Heavy rain was as expected; Joel escaped my clutches too many times to play with the droplets flowing from the yard shades, so after a while I was too tired to chase him off the open yard and just let him jump around and glorify in the rain. Eric didn’t have a nice time, which was all his undoing. He was out after the second round of the musical chair, and being a sore loser, sulked and yelled a couple of times out of anger. When I failed to coax him out of his temper, I just rolled my eyes and left to care for my other two boys while Eric sat crying in front of everyone. Yeesh. By the time we left, I was too tired to do anything and had to skip my cousin’s party for her kid Gabriel in the evening.

So much for being in the Merdeka mood.

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