Eric at Astrolife Science Camp

Eric during Astrolife Science Camp, heading for the drinks stand.I’ve been looking forward to Eric’s first ever school holiday camp ever since I saw the ad on TV and registered for it late July. Eric went to the half-day Junior Labs camp in the afternoon meant for the 7 to 12 year olds, to learn how to make slime! In adult translation — “learning the properties of polymers and colloids.”

Being a seemingly shy boy, Eric was in his usual mood of observing everyone, but brave enough to participate in the ice breakers. When the camp started at 1:30pm, the parents were shooed out of the hall and were asked to return by the end of the camp.

I returned half an hour before the end of the camp session at 5:00pm, and saw that they have started handing certificate of attendance to the kids. At the end of the ceremony and group photo, Eric went up to me and told me it was “awesome”.

I observed that a couple of the camp facilitators were quite charmed by Eric for some reason, and even during the certificate presentation, the woman in charge gave Eric a light pinch on the cheek.

In any case, I’m glad Eric had a great time, even though he didn’t know anyone there. I wouldn’t hesitate to send him to another one soon.

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