A mix and mangled week

I’m not sure if I’ve done anything productive this week with my kids. Their dad went for a business trip to Bogor, Indonesia, and getting stuck indoors were our daily routine as it has been pouring non-stop this week, so most of the time we just hung around the house playing with each other.

I did have fun bringing the kids out to eat a couple of times at this kopitiam-styled restaurant on the ground floor of Asia City Complex. Not only was the food good, but it was cheap, too.

And there was the kids’ cousin Aidyl’s birthday this afternoon. The party was the longest two hours of my life this week. Heavy rain was as expected; Joel escaped my clutches too many times to play with the droplets flowing from the yard shades, so after a while I was too tired to chase him off the open yard and just let him jump around and glorify in the rain. Eric didn’t have a nice time, which was all his undoing. He was out after the second round of the musical chair, and being a sore loser, sulked and yelled a couple of times out of anger. When I failed to coax him out of his temper, I just rolled my eyes and left to care for my other two boys while Eric sat crying in front of everyone. Yeesh. By the time we left, I was too tired to do anything and had to skip my cousin’s party for her kid Gabriel in the evening.

So much for being in the Merdeka mood.


I have the happiest baby in the world

Ezra happy in Mommy's armsIt so makes my day when I see a smile on my kids’ face, even so when they were still babies. Ezra is just a generous bundle of smiles and giggles these past month; it’s like a magic medicine that takes all my tiredness away just by looking at his happy face. I just need to look him in the eyes while I talk and he’ll start cooing, then smiling and even laugh a little. My mom gets a kick out of babysitting Ezra, because in this way she can talk the whole hour without worrying whether Ezra would be bothered with the noise!

It sometimes makes me forget that Ezra has the loudest cry compared to his big brothers, that even our pediatrician had to agree as he examined Ezra while he was still one day old!

Eric’s 7th birthday on 20.08.2008

Close-up of Eric's Spongebob Squarepants birthday cakeEric posing with his Spongebob Squarepants birthday cakeThis has got to be Eric’s best birthday yet. Not only does it coincide with one of the most interesting dates of this year (20082008), but he also got a yummy and specially requested choc moist Spongebob Squarepants where he gets to share with his favourite cousins, Aishah and Aidyl. Thanks to his Nenek Carol for the great cake!

It was a last minute plan to have Eric’s birthday in Tuaran instead of at our apartment, but since Eric was already spending a few nights there, I thought, why not. I didn’t plan on getting anything else other than the cake to celebrate it (being the lazy mom I am), but Eric’s Nenek Tuaran (me mom) took care of the food and drinks, by whipping up a quick serving of laksa Sarawak, noodles, chicken soup, and french fries with some soda and soft drinks. Those were more than adequate to whet everyone’s appetite.

Eric’s present? Well, he didn’t get any, and it’s something that I made very clear a few weeks back. The reason? I’d rather keep that story for another day.

In any case, today’s definitely a great day to celebrate being a year older! Happy Birthday, Eric!

The gondol boy

Joel and Eric (18AUG2008)Joel had his head shaved while he was staying for a few nights at his Nenek Tuaran’s place. This is the third time he’s had a hair cut; the first one was when he was 7 months old, and the second while he was 14 months old.

Just like his big brother Eric, Joel’s hair has been growing unevenly, though lately it’s looking better. This should be his last shave-off, I hope. He’ll be getting a normal haircut from now on.

*Gondol is a Malay word meaning bald-headed.

Eric at Astrolife Science Camp

Eric during Astrolife Science Camp, heading for the drinks stand.I’ve been looking forward to Eric’s first ever school holiday camp ever since I saw the ad on TV and registered for it late July. Eric went to the half-day Junior Labs camp in the afternoon meant for the 7 to 12 year olds, to learn how to make slime! In adult translation — “learning the properties of polymers and colloids.”

Being a seemingly shy boy, Eric was in his usual mood of observing everyone, but brave enough to participate in the ice breakers. When the camp started at 1:30pm, the parents were shooed out of the hall and were asked to return by the end of the camp.

I returned half an hour before the end of the camp session at 5:00pm, and saw that they have started handing certificate of attendance to the kids. At the end of the ceremony and group photo, Eric went up to me and told me it was “awesome”.

I observed that a couple of the camp facilitators were quite charmed by Eric for some reason, and even during the certificate presentation, the woman in charge gave Eric a light pinch on the cheek.

In any case, I’m glad Eric had a great time, even though he didn’t know anyone there. I wouldn’t hesitate to send him to another one soon.

Su botella es mi botella

Ezra (07AUG2008)Your bottle is my bottle, is how Joel sees it. I’m partly to blame for his behavior towards Ezra’s bottle, because I switched Joel’s to a bigger sized bottle while passing over his smaller bottle for Ezra’s use. Joel still hasn’t gotten the hang of the idea.

So what has happened is that not only is Joel drinking off his new bottle, he also drinks off Ezra’s (and Ezra’s formula) just because he enjoys it. I would make a bottle for Joel, and a bottle for Ezra, and when it’s Ezra’s feeding time, it’s abracadabra gone and the next thing I knew Joel was happily sucking his baby brother’s feed. Oh well.

By the way, I never meant to abandon this blog for so long. It’s just that, well, you know, life comes first, blogging second 😀 I hope my posting will resume to normal starting today. I’ll be doing a bit of back posting too just to fill up the gaps.

Why I don’t want my kids to use the school bus

The seemingly innocent school busThe school bus may look harmless to you just by looking at the photo, but you didn’t see how packed it is. School children were stuffed in like they were in a can of sardines.

How desperate is a school bus operator for money that he or she (in this case, unfortunately, it’s a she) is willing to let the kids get cramped like that? A bus which is suppose to seat 15 at the most seemed to seat almost 25 kids.

Give me the number of the school bus association, and the next time I see one like this, not only will I report it to the association, I won’t hesitate to report this predicament to the papers.