Getting sick for the 1st time & the blood type scare

For the record.

  • Ezra’s first fever: 22 July 2008
  • Ezra’s first cold: 28 July 2008

Blame it on the movies. Before Ezra’s medical check-up, I was always under the impression that a child would definitely follow either his father’s or his mother’s blood type ONLY. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Ezra’s blood type was B, whereas mine was O and my husband’s was AB! It wasn’t right — it MUST be only either AB or O! I mean, that’s what the movies say right?! That the child must follow exactly the blood type of either one parent?!

After a little explanation by the pediatrician, I now understand that:

  • If one parent is O and the other is either A or B, your child can be O or A, or O or B.
  • If one parent is AB and the other is either A or B, your child can be either A, B or AB.
  • If both parents are A or B, your child can be O or A, or O or B.
  • If both parents are O, then your child can only be O.

There you go, a biology lesson learned. Damn those scary child-switch horror movies!


Tummy time is fun

Ezra on his tummyAfter two weeks of doing some tummy time exercises, I’ve noticed that Ezra’s neck support is stronger, and he has been getting better at raising and holding his head up while on his tummy.

His pre-tummy time exercise consist of getting him to grip my fingers as I pulled him by his hands and raising him to a sitting position, as well as stretching his legs by taking his ankles and gently pushing his legs towards his body. I do each exercise five times, before each of his twice-a-day tummy time. I think he particularly likes the leg stretches, since he always gives this satisfying long grunt with a smile every time he stretches — it’s really funny!

Free at last

On 5th of July, my home was now free of my brothers-in-law after almost 10 years of living with us, and now Eric finally has his own bedroom today! And, boy, he’s loving it!

Although my in-laws left our home early in the morning, and the room was now empty for me to do as I wish, I couldn’t yet rejoice because I needed to clean the room up before Eric could move in. Cobwebs and dust stuck on the walls and scattered on the floor was the first sight that I saw when I entered the room. Amazingly, I got everything cleaned up in just half hour. Which was good, because time is so precious when you have two little tykes to deal with simultaneously. I was glad Eric was eager to do the rest of the work, i.e. moving his clothes and toys from the office room to his now official room, while I dealt with the wailing Ezra and Joel.

The final touch to the room was the setting up of Eric’s PC, and this was the most exciting to Eric. Now he can play and shout around frantically as he played with the various PC and online games he’s into (Spongebob Squarepants, Playhouse Disney Channel, Mario Bros, etc), and the living room now sounds less noisy. Even Joel is enjoying himself as he watches his big bro play on the computer.

I’ve been looking forward to Eric having his own room for a long time, especially now that he is in Primary 1. Not having his own room meant that he had to do his homework in the living room. And since the office room is currently a makeshift baby room, Eric has no privacy when it comes to reading or doing his school work, with the TV on, or his little brother Joel keep pulling him away or climbing on Eric’s chair insisting that his big brother play with him. I’m glad that now with his own room, most distraction have been eliminated and Eric can now focus better on his studies.

I love working from home

Being a stay at home mom isn’t as easy as people think. For me, it’s the most exhausting form of work I have ever done. The one thing that drives me crazy about being a mother is the lack of structure your life takes, as you hectically tend from one little child to another, and driving them to and from school, feeding them, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cook dinner… the list goes on.

One thing all mothers agree to, though, is that it is the most rewarding work we would ever do. The times you spend with your little ones — sans the tantrum and the wailing — are the most enjoyable times. Being able to be there for them makes staying at home worth every second.

Still, for me, I still miss work especially for the financial freedom it gave me. I didn’t have to rely on my husband’s income, and I don’t like the feeling of guilt every time I splurge on something using his money. So used to being independent, I feel awkward to even acknowledge that anything my husband earns is automatically shared to me.

That’s why I thank God that I live in this day and age where I can stay at home and still make tons of money. I’m not embarrassed to say that most of my income is generated through blogging with programs such as PayPerPost and SocialSpark. Paid to blog is the most realistic way of making money online, and I didn’t have to learn all those marketing and promotion things. The flexibility these programs gave me means that I can put my kids to sleep, then type and make money in the wee hours of the morning, or whenever I want to, really.

Now I don’t have to worry about asking money from my husband and I can splurge however I want. If you’re a mom and have a blog, but haven’t signed up for SocialSpark, then why wait? Register now and start working on your own pace, you’ll be glad you did.

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Mommy’s brain has gotten blurry

I’m not sure about other moms out there, but have you ever experienced having an overwhelming sense of anxiety or periods of light-headed confusion so severe that you sometimes can’t get your brain to focus at all? I’ve noticed for the past three weeks that my brain has been functioning that way, and it frightens me. That’s what you get when you’re sleep deprived. The road is starting to get dangerous with me behind the wheels. I’m just glad I have my in-laws still staying over this past week before they return to Sandakan. Otherwise, I’m not sure what I’ll do without enough rest.