Scrapbooking the blogging way

While perusing the RSS feeds in my WordPress dashboard, I came across this cool free tool which I think scrapbooking mamas will thoroughly enjoy; just look at one of the creations I made just by using Scrapblog:

Scrapblog is an online tool that allows you to create a media-rich scrapbook out of many preset designs or start from scratch, and then share it out to anyone you like. My favourite thing about Scrapblog is its ability to export your scrapbooks into JPEG format — this allows me to use the scrapbooks I made into background images for my desktop. Go ahead, try it for yourself.

Note: I meant to update this post for a while, but I’ve been having problems accessing this site for a couple of days. I apologize if all you see initially was one big blob of image or nothing at all.


The long forgotten baby blog

For some reason, I have forgotten the existence of another baby blog I made for Eric, until I logged into my Blogger account recently and saw some posts that I didn’t even realize I made. The amazing thing was, there were 32 posts in total, dating back to 2002! I never knew I had posted so much in the baby blog before.

I’ll be working on moving all its content one by one into this one. It’s so much easy to consolidate everything rather than have everything strewn around. The only thing I’ll be keeping in the blog would be the blog template, just so that I can see a history of how The Blog of Rugrats grew to what it is now.

Hello there, baby Ezra!

Yes, Ezra Yoel Dony has safely been born on May 22, 1.52am at Sabah Medical Center, Damai. I initially find it hard to believe I’ve given birth to him 3 weeks off his due date, and he’s just so small, weighing in at only 2.3 kg. The pediatrician said that he is as normal as a healthy full-term baby, though, so I’m very happy with him.

What I’m not very happy with is the condition of my home. Everything’s still in a mess, the baby cot’s not prepared, Ezra’s clothes are barely washed, stuff are not sterilized… I blame myself for taking for granted Ezra would be born on or later than his due date on June 16, and thinking that I still have lots of time to clean up and prepare. I’m glad my husband’s around to help with the clean up together.

OK, off I go to tend to my little one!

My son the blogger

You may have noticed the short posts running in this blog. Yes, I am currently teaching my seven year old son Eric how to become a problogger! It’s part of my attempt not only to make posts in the Blog of Rugrats a bit more frequent as a contributor, but also as an exercise for Eric to improve on his English and computer/typing skills.

Eric has learned how to handle computers since he was 2 years old, by knowing how to shut down the computers, understanding what a “left click”, “double click” and a “right click” is, as well as scrolling through a web page or a game, which is why I’m comfortable with him going into blogging and probably teach him how to build a web site from scratch even.

So, if you see a post by Eric Noel, then believe me that is him typing away, typo and all. Enjoy his posts, if you can make sense of them!

Catching up with Joel’s milestones

Joel at Big J (25 Feb 2008)A long time ago, I used to actively keep up with Eric’s developmental activities, noting down what month he started rolling, crawling, standing up, had his first tooth, etc. Although I pay attention to Joel’s development as well, I haven’t really been rushing to put things on paper, or blog them.

It’s good to note, anyways, that Joel has been reaching all his milestones like a text book, even his 13-to-18-month milestones. He doesn’t throw tantrums that much, as he’s been using the simple sign languages I’ve taught him whenever he’s hungry, sleepy, wanting to bathe, or even changing the channels and choosing the cartoons he wants to watch. Joel loves to say bye-bye and hi to his dad on his way to and from work. He’s also a real joker, who likes to entertain Eric and myself with his pretend falling down antics and turning around in a spot till he’s dizzy and then having a big laugh out of it.

I’m eagerly awaiting Joel to reach his next crucial milestone — learning to potty. I’m pretty anxious about this because I haven’t really taught him how to communicate with me whenever he wants to urinate; he only knows how to tell me when he poos. He’s almost a year and a half now, the same age as when I started potty training Eric, and he managed to go diaper-free after just 3 months. I don’t know how both of us did it, but I hope Joel and I get the same success because it does look like Joel doesn’t enjoy his potty that much.

Unlisting the Mom Blogs directory

I’ve been trying for months to get my blog listed in The Mom Blogs to no avail. When I first submitted this site, they sent me a response saying that they can’t find the the required back link to their blog and wanted me to re-submit, but the strange thing was that the link they wanted was in clear view in the sidebar. I waited until a month or so before I re-submitted. This time, I kept getting stuck on their link checking section (where I was suppose to input my URL to verify that it hasn’t existed in their directory) and got an error saying that “the link is not available or cannot be accessed”.

I’m not gonna be bothered with listing in the Mom Blogs and have removed the back link. I’m sure there are better general and niche blog directories out there that are worth my time.