Remember to check the weather

Eric hugging his little bro Joel (12 Aug 2007).Eric, Joel and myself were in the car on our way back from Tuaran to Kota Kinabalu today, while rain was pouring down hard. While I was driving, I told Eric about tomorrow being an election day and that we’ll be going out very early to be at our polling station so that we can vote early and go home right away to avoid a huge crowd.

My 7-year old Eric looked out and answered, “I read the newspaper just now and it said it’s going to rain today.” A little surprised that he’d paid attention to the papers, I asked a matter-of-factly, “Oh, you did?” At the same time, I realized that it would be a good idea to check on tomorrow’s weather, and whether it’s better to go voting in the morning or the afternoon. I found out a minute ago that the weather reports predicted cloudy skies in the morning, and probably heavy rain in the afternoon.

Wherever you are in Malaysia, remember to check the weather tomorrow if you plan to go voting tomorrow.

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