It’s almost over

This is a post I made in the old blog on Thursday, 25 January 2007 at 02:27 PM.

Eric and 9 monts pregnant Mom, Nov 24 2006.My pantang period, that is. And of all the days that I have to go back to work, it had to be on a Saturday. This Saturday. I just got an SMS from the office asking if I’d be coming in tomorrow (hell, no!). Coincidently, tomorrow’s suppose to be payday , but they’ll have to wait another day or three to get ’em (*snicker!*) ;D

Technically, I’m ready to get back in action, but emotionally, I wish I could just stay and work at home. And it’s not just because I miss my kids, but it’s just more relaxing that way. Still it would be a little weird to ask my customers to “please come by my house instead of the office so we can discuss business, ja?” :O

Maybe once my online income increases to a couple of thousand a month, I can stop all my daytime jobs, do them part-time and just kick back and take life easier. Hopefully this can happen by the end of this year, if everything goes the way I plan. Till then, I’ll have to work lika a trojan just like everyone else.


Say “Cheese!”

Joel smiling for the camphone (1+ mth old).This is a post I made in the old blog on Friday, 19 January 2007 at 08:12 PM.Joel smiling for the camphone part deux (1+ mth old).

The only guaranteed times when I can get a marvelous grin out of this doll of mine are during his early morning diaper changes and when he’s with his dad! *rolls eyes*

Can’t say I’m complaining, though… I mean, look at those cartoonish smiles! If your kid gives you a smile like that each morning, wouldn’t that just make your day? 🙂

Let’s get physical

Eric in his Stella Maris PE uniform (5+ yo.).This is a post I made in the old blog on Tuesday, 16 January 2007 at 12:03 PM.

This is Eric’s first time wearing his Stella Maris Kindergarten PE suit. He’s particularly fond of this one compared to his other school sports gears from Sunshine and St Anne’s, due to the addition of a cap. He says it makes him “handsome and super-hero”-esque.

Gone with the wind

This is a post I made in the old blog on Sunday, 14 January 2007 at 08:04 PM.

Joel at 1+ month old.Argh! My memory card is destroyed!! There goes my pics of Eric in his concert costume, and our hospital shots of Joel when he was just a few hours old 😦

I’ll have to rely on Dony’s camphone for now to take snapshots such as the one on the left. Joel has been doing a LOT of voluntary smiling this week, and it makes my whole family laugh for joy coz it’s so cute especially when he cooes at the same time 🙂 This week, I’ve also decided to get him off from wearing his mittens so that I could teach him how to hold his own milk bottle. Eric managed to do that when he was 2 months old, so hopefully Joel can do so too. On his first mitten-free day, Joel made a few (count: four) battle scars a.k.a. funky scratches on his face which fortunately disappeared the next day. I think he learnt his lesson too — apparently, there aren’t any scratches ever since that day. So pandai.

K2 Kid

This is a post I made in the old blog on Thursday, 04 January 2007 at 09:46 PM.

Eric starting off Kindergarten 2 at Stella Maris Tg Aru (5+ yo.).Quite an eventful week this has been. Eric is starting his Kindergarten 2 in Stella Maris, which is conveniently nearby my workplace at Tanjung Aru Plaza. Poor guy — this is the third time that he has to change school in the span of barely two years. When I was stationed in Labuan mid-2005, Eric had to move out with me from Sunshine Pre-School Penampang to St Anne’s Kindergarten. Then, when I moved back to KK early last year, he had to move again, this time to Sunshine Kindergarten. I could let him stay at that same kindergarten this year, if not for the fact that:

  1. The school fee at Sunshine is twice as expensive as Stella Maris,
  2. It’s more convenient for me to pick him up at Stella Maris (2 mins drive), instead of at Sunshine (half an hour’s drive), and
  3. I can bring Eric to hang out in my office during the rest of the day and not spend on daycare fees 🙂

Yesterday was uniform-picking and book-buying day, while today and tomorrow are orientation days. I get to see Eric in action with his classmates while getting to know the school grounds (teacher’s voice: “Sini ofis Sister… ini playground kita… sini toilet… siapa mau pigi toilet?”). Joel tagged along with me throughout the whole ordeal (I’ll only be sending Joel to daycare after I’m back to work). I’m so proud of my big boy — he was such a gentle”boy”… very polite to his friends, and a little shy, but very obedient. *Sigh*… wish he’d be like that when he’s at home.

One surprise that we got today was a phone call from Milimewa Supermarket telling me that I won first prize in their Christmas lucky draw — a hamper worth RM80! A week’s worth of junk food! Hooray! So right after school, we stopped by the supermarket to pick up our prize. and mama and kids got their snapshots taken, dagnabit! If I’d known they’d do that, I’d dress up more properly 😛 Hopefully I’d still get a chance to win the grand prize — a Perodua Kenari. Wouldn’t that be super.

The best place to store baby photos online?

I love showing off my kids’ photos online to friends and family members and anyone else who would care to look at it — I mean, what proud parent wouldn’t be? Last year, though, I read a blog post on how irresponsible people could take advantage of your baby photos and manipulate them in a very disgusting way. Since I often blog and include baby photos into each entry, I abruptly stopped blogging on the Blog of Rugrats to see other alternatives to keeping my children’s photos online yet still protected.

Really, the only way for us to protect our baby photos online is by not putting them online at all. My next best alternative would be to use image hosting web sites that have built-in security to allow only authorised users like family and friends to access them. I personally chose Flickr because:

  1. It’s now integrated with my Yahoo! account. This also means that my friends and family who has a Yahoo! e-mail accounts can instantly access my protected baby photos without having to create a new account.
  2. I can store as many baby photos as I want. That’s because I’m currently subscribed to the Pro version, which only cost me USD9.99 at the time I signed up for it, and I can upload an unlimited amount of photos in.
  3. It has some very cool meta data generators which I find very useful. Do you know that if you take photos off your digital camera or phone with built-in camera, your device will store extra information about the photos, such as the camera model you used to take the picture with, as well as the ACTUAL date that the photo was taken? I found those information very useful because I tend to forget which phone I used to take it or the date that the photo was taken.

There are so many other things that I can do with Flickr in terms of storing my baby photos, so those were just three of my reasons for using it. Care to share your favourite baby photo storage online?

Peaceful (read: boring) Xmas

This is a post I made in the old blog on Monday, 25 December 2006 at 08:42 PM.

Joel with his first Christmas present (Christmas Day 2006).Since I am still under “pantang”, I didn’t go anywhere except to Dony’s Uncle Paul’s house in Menggatal for a second, and even that trip was made after my hubby persuaded (then begged) for us to go so he could show Joel off to his relatives. Eric, on the other hand, was saved by his Aunty Bibi and cousins, and enjoyed the whole day with my family and relatives back in Tuaran.Eric with his Christmas present (Christmas Day 2006).

Joel received his very first Christmas present, a set of colourful rattles which he would surely enjoy — thanks to their Aunty Julia! Eric meanwhile received from his aunt a billiard set which he is currently busy playing with while shouting either “Saya Manang!” or “Oh Yes!”

Here’s wishing to all our families, relatives, friends and acquaintances A Joyous and Blessed Christmas 2006.